RANSOMVILLE, N.Y. -- While many Niagara County communities saw the water recede a little bit on Saturday it's not enough to help those areas that are going on days being saturated with water. 

In Ransomville, Faery's Nursery & Landscaping is trying everything, including a 50 percent off sale, to move inventory and get water away from plants. 

"If the plants do sit in the puddle for very long...it will be detrimental to them and they will die," said Faery's Nursery owner Melissa Skorik. 

Right now, everything is healthy, but time is of the essence. Skorik is running three different pumps to help drain the area. 

A pond, now 10 feet wider in all directions, is encroaching on saplings. 

Skorik says the sale has helped bring in some more customers, but unfortunately not enough to make up for the lack of sales during what's typically a busy start to spring each year.

"[We] could very easily lose a lot of stuff, if it doesn't dry out," she said. 

Elsewhere, overflowing streams flooded roads.

And ponding water, going nowhere in the saturated ground, is inching ever closer to homes.