NIAGARA FALLS, NY — Eleven days since a pool of black water appeared in the Niagara River, the Niagara Falls Water Board has released a response to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, which is investigating the incident.

The water board says the black water was due to routine maintenance of one of its wastewater sedimentation basins, but the work is usually done during a different time.

“In continuing with our extensive examination of all aspects of the July 29th incident, we have compiled various documents, reports and data for the NYS DEC, which chronicle overall wastewater operational readings that weekend,” said Rolfe Porter, NFWB Executive Director.

The water board announced Thursday that for the time being, changes will be made to how Sedimentation Basin 5 is de-watered.

“Additionally, we have advised the department that if Sedimentation Basin 5 has to be de-watered for any purpose, the NFWB will not discharge the contents of that basin directly to the chlorine contact basin as was done on July 29th, until further notice,” Porter said.