BUFAFLO, NY-Commuters going to and from the Buffalo Medical Campus received some very good news Thursday.

Beginning June 19, the NFTA will extend two bus routes that will drop off and pick up passengers directly on the Medical campus Monday through Friday.

Trips for routes No. 14 Abbott and No. 16 South Park, traveling to and from South Buffalo, Lackawanna, Blasdell and Hamburg, will be extended to Carlton and Ellicott Streets. Both routes currently end at Mohawk and Ellicott Streets.

The extended routes will significantly help riders from south of the city, allowing them to go directly to the Medical Campus without having to transfer to another bus.

“By partnering with the NFTA, we are finding new ways to provide more access to the Medical Campus without adding more cars to the neighborhood," said William Smith, Director of Access at the Medical Campus. This access, coupled with the Corporate Pass Program offered through the NFTA, will help to make the commute to the Medical Campus more convenient, affordable and healthy for all.”