ORCHARD PARK, NY — Near record-high temperature at New Era Field for the Bills' 26-16 win over the Broncos yielded record-breaking water sales.

Despite social media rumors that New Era Field ran out of water, that's not the case, according to Delaware North who supply concessions.

The stadium sold a record-breaking 50,000 units of water, more than doubling water sales at an average game over the last seven years, according to Delaware North. Staff had more than 67,000 units available when the game began.

"At no point during today’s game did we run out of water," Delaware North said in a statement. "We worked with the Bills and prepared for the high temperatures by having more than 67,000 units of water on hand today.... To ensure our stands had water, our associates were continuously looping the stadium, restocking each concession stand as quickly as possible."

Many fans at the stadium shared on social media that stadium concessions apparently were out of water, including one post that claimed free water was being given out because of the shortage.

A Delaware North spokesperson said that certain concession stands did run out, but only temporally while staffed worked on restocking.

Here's what others on social media had to say about the water situation.

Bills fans dealt with broiling heat during the game.

A weather pattern that looked a lot more like mid-July than late September helped send the temperature to 86 degrees during the Bills' 26-16 win. It's the third-hottest game on record at the Orchard Park stadium. The official high of 86 was measured in the shade — the heat index on the field and in the tailgate lots was well into the triple digits.

According to the National Weather Service, temperatures reached 89 degrees at the Buffalo Niagara Airport, which broke the record for the hottest Sept. 24 in history.

The Bills warned fans about the heat during the week, and changed the price of water being sold at New Era Field from $5 to $3.