It's nice work if you can get it.

A salary of $145,000 a year and a personal car tossed in.

Those are two of the noteworthy items in the compensation package for Earl Jann, the new executive Director of the Erie County Water Authority.

Before you start smoldering while reading this, Jann did not take the vehicle (Full statement in just a bit).

But, it was an option for him.

Jann has previously served on the board of the Water Authority. Recently, without much fanfare, Jann was appointed to the post to run the authority.

In a 2015 interview, Jann noted he does have experience: "The reason I was put in this position was because my experience out in the town of Marilla concerning water. I put in a number of water districts, big ones. So, I wasn’t coming here just because I knew someone."

As late as 11 a.m. Monday, 2 On-Your-Side was uncertain whether the personal vehicle, which comes with the executive director's gig, would be accepted by Jann.

Spokesman Sean Dwyer emailed: "I have no information at this time as to whether Earl Jann has or will accept the vehicle."

Hours later, we got a statement from Jann himself.

It reads: "Even though my new position allows for it, I never intended to take a personal vehicle from the Water Authority. Like many employees here, I often must travel from one end of our vast distribution system to another during the work day. In these situations, I'll utilize company motor pool vehicles. Any reporting to the contrary is just dead wrong."

So, essentially what we saw Monday was Jann using a company vehicle for company business.