BUFFALO, NY-- The Buffalo Museum of Science has a new dome atop its Kellogg Observatory.

The dome, which weighs approximately one ton, was lifted into the air by a crane, and placed upon a support structure on the museum roof Friday morning.

It's part of a $2.5 million campaign to restore the observatory and create a new Air and Space exhibit at the museum which will open on August 21, with the observatory re-opening in the spring of 2018.

The dome that previously was on the observatory had been here since 1930 when the observatory was first built.

Museum staff tells us the previous dome had extended past its useful life, enduring a whole lot of Buffalo weather and deteriorating past the point where it was able to serve as a modern state of the art facility.

As a result, the Kellogg Observatory was shuttered in 1999.

"We're thrilled to bring this great educational asset back to our community," said Marisa Wigglesworth, the museum's President and CEO.

Along with the new dome, improvements were also made to allow access to people with disabilities, who were never able to enjoy the observatory even when it was open.

"An important part of restoring this asset was to make sure it will be accessible to all of our visitors," said Wigglesworth, noting that improvements included the construction of a new, wide stairway and the installation of an elevator to the observatory.

"The prior access was a spiral metal staircase so that was indeed quite intimidating for many," Wigglesworth said.

Meanwhile , the historic Lundin telescope, which will be the real star of the show, continues to undergo refurbishment in Pennsylvania, and is expected to be brought back to Buffalo in early 2018.

Crews are now working to secure the dome to the building.

The Buffalo Museum of Science shot video of the new dome being built. You can watch the project here: