BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Another piece of the redevelopment project for the old Millard Fillmore Hospital site at Gates Circle in Buffalo is now ready for construction. 

The site is located at the junction of Delaware and Lafayette Avenues, adjacent to where the Canterbury Woods building for senior citizens is being built. 

The overall complex has been named the Lancaster Square at Gates Circle. But now the second building which is a  $13 million dollar six-story structure was formally approved by the Buffalo Planning Board on Monday. The structure will have 60 apartments and retail space is planned for the first-floor. That's according to President Chris Campos of the development firm TM Montante. 

Two more buildings with, again, a mix of retail, residential and office space are also under consideration along the extended Lancaster Avenue. And they are still considering re-use of still-standing old hospital buildings and yet another building could go up on nearby Linwood. 

While some neighbors credit the developer with being open to their input, others have lingering concerns about how all of this fits into into this residential community. That includes a potential increase in traffic as it feeds into the already-busy Gates Circle. 

"Now, you input this building with the retail, the commercial space and you're gonna have ten times as much traffic around here," said Drew Szurczynski, a Lancaster Ave resident. "And I have a lot of friends, neighbors that are already protesting this. So you get...especially on this corner right behind you guys...it's terrible. I've seen many accidents. The city needs to do something about the circle."

Council President Darius Pridgen, who also represents that area in his Ellicott District, says the city will monitor the traffic situation in that area and take certain actions if need be to increase safety.

Montante hopes to break ground for the second building in the summer with an expected completion date in the summer of 2018.