LACKAWANNA, N.Y. - Some neighbors living along a stretch of railroad tracks in the city are worried about dozens of tanker cars that have been parked there for weeks.

The line of tankers is more than a mile long and stretches from Ridge Road to Martin Road.

Dianna Minger reached out to 2 On Your Side to find out what's in them and why they've been there for so long.

We reached out to Genesee and Wyoming Railroad Services who is in charge of the tracks, and a spokesperson said the tankers are empty.  

He said they are being kept there for a customer, though he didn't say who the customer is or how long the tankers will  be there.

Minger questioned why the tankers aren't being stored at a rail yard.  

The tracks are dormant, and the spokesperson said that's why that spot was chosen to store the tankers.  He added that nearby rail yards are in active use by local businesses.