AMHERST, N.Y. -- There was a meeting Tuesday night to discuss the controversy surrounding a proposed methadone clinic in Amherst. 

Some people in Eggertsville aren't happy about the town planning director approving the clinic's move into a vacant building on Millersport Highway near Sheridan.  

As one woman resident put it "Who's going to buy a home near a methadone clinic. I wouldn't"

That summed up frustrations of residents over a plan by Catholic health to locate a new clinic on Millersport Highway near the N. Ivy Hearst Rd. neighborhood to dispense medications like methadone and Suboxone as treatment for opioid addicted patients

Another woman at the meeting said "I can see people need help as a crisis nurse. But I also know that people like this need help they need constant supervision and this is not the right place to put it."

The Eggertsvlle Community Organization is seeking answers. Some say they understand the need for such a clinic but again question the location. It would actually be an upgrade from the current counseling center on Sheridan Drive. Steve Matisz  who helps lead the Eggertsville Community Organization  says  "We welcome such a cetter and understand the need in the community. But in this location it's near homes and there are day care centers and parks and children there."

Town officials say they were informed initially last spring and summer by Catholic health and county officials about the addiction treatment center but said they questioned the location near homes even back then.

A Catholic Health spokeswoman released a statement saying they were clear about the purpose of the clinic on Millersport when they discussed it with those town officials. The town planning director did approve the site plan for the building. State Assemblyman Ray Walter  says  it may be too late to stop it. "There's not a whole lot we can do. we just wish that they would take in the concerns of residence into consideration"

Could residents consider a lawsuit? Matisz told 2 on Your Side "So far that's been the temperament of some of the people here. But I am hoping we can sit down with Catholic Halth and see what they can do to help us out"

Catholic health officials say they do hope they can meet in early May with some of the neighbors that live right near the North Ivyhurst Drive neighborhood to answer their questions.