BUFFALO, N.Y. -- It appears long-time Democratic political operative Steve Pigeon is now fighting off a pile of tax liens, in addition to criminal cases. 

Monday, Pigeon was charged for the third time in 10 months. Documents on file show Pigeon also owes the IRA a lot of money. 

So now federal prosecutors, the state Attorney General's Office and the IRS are all after Pigeon. 

The feds allege Pigeon helped arrange an illegal donation of $25,000 from a Canadian businessman to the re-election campaign of Gov. Cuomo. 

That's the third criminal case filed against pigeon in 10 months. 

On top of that, there's his tax woes. 

As first reported by The Public, on file at the Erie County Clerk's Office are five liens filed against Pigeon since 2014. One is from a condo association. 

But four are from the IRS. 

All tolled, the claims against Pigeon are just short of $400,000. Now, back to the alleged illegal campaign donation to Cuomo: a National republican Group, American Rising PAC, Tuesday is calling on the Cuomo campaign to give back the suspect $250,000 donation. 

This could be an easy fix for Cuomo, because according to his campaign's latest filing in January, it has almost $22 million.