BUFFALO, N.Y. - Crystal Farish, 22, could end up in prison for endangering the welfare of an incompetent child.

Two years ago, she was hired to babysit Grace Scott. The child was 11-years-old at the time and living with quad Cerebral palsy.

Her mother Kelly hired Crystal after interviewing her and observing how she interacted with Grace, despite some red flags in a conversation.

"She had told me about her brother being burned by her biological mother," Kelly Scott said.

After one week on the job, when Kelly Scott came home, the sitter told her Grace "got a boo-boo on her knee."

Farish, according to her attorney, admitted to injuring the child but says it was because she had to drag her on the carpet and the injury was a rug burn.

"Grace had two gaping round wounds on the tops of her knees," according to the mother. A doctor determined it was a contact burn. A wax warmer is what investigators determined was used to burn the child.

Crystal Farish pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of an incompetent child, but at her sentencing on Monday, Erie County Court Judge Michael Pietruszka noticed Farish recanted her statement in a probation report.

He withdrew her plea and in his words, Crystal, "blamed the parent of the victim."

Defense attorney Robert Lee has a decision to make.

"I'm going to have her write a statement to the judge and the family of the girl saying this is what happened, if they accept it as endangering the welfare of an incompetent child, then the judge may accept it, if not we have a trial," Lee said.

"I definitely want justice for Grace and I don't want another kid hurt," said Kelly Scott.

She stressed the importance of background checks. "You have to get a background check. You just have to know what you're dealing with and you have to know who the references are, if they are friends, or if they are actually somebody they have worked for. And I suggest cameras."

Next Monday, Farish will return to court. If her plea is accepted, she faces anywhere from probation to three years in prison.