DEPEW, NY - Polls have been open for several hours now and there have been some reports of issues at several polling stations. With so many eyes on this election, we also hear about some of the issues you've been experiencing at the polls.

At the Matt Urban Center on Broadway Ave in Buffalo, a 2 On Your Side viewer reported that a ballot machine was down and ballots were being stuffed into envelopes. When our crew arrived on scene election officials had the machine fixed and everything was normal. Election volunteers said all the ballots there were being processed properly.

At the Ismailia Shriners center on Southwestern Blvd in West Seneca, one of the four voting machines there has been down since 6:45 a.m. An election volunteer there told WGRZ that two technicians tried to fix t but were unable. Ballots for that machine will be processed by volunteers at the station.

All was quiet from a technical standpoint at the Hy-View Fire District #8, but one elections volunteer was wearing a "proud to be deplorable" t-shirt. New York State election law prohibits any political propaganda inside a polling station, this includes t-shirts, hats, buttons, etc. Once the election inspector was notified, the volunteer changed without further incident.

If you encounter any issues at your polling station call the Erie County Board of Elections response team at 716-858-8891.