BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Kids going through cancer treatment at Roswell Park are once again getting some gadgets to make their stay a bit brighter.

The Mikey's Way Foundation came around Wednesday with handheld electronics for young patients at the cancer center, located at Elm and Carlton Streets in Buffalo.

Les Friedman started Mickey's Way in 2005 in memory of his son Mikey, who died of cancer in 2008. While he was battling cancer in Dec. 2005, Mikey delivered gifts to kids at Women and Children's Hospital. His father decided to continue the good deed to help children cope with cancer for years to come with the Mikey's Way Foundation.

"The item for Mikey was something called a Game Boy," Les Friedman said of what helped Mikey while he battled cancer. "And that has completely changed. Now, Nintendo puts out handheld games that are internet ready and connect worldwide."

The foundation recently got a corporate sponsor and was given a $10 thousand dollar check from Ingram Micro.