Gang-on-gang violence.

That is what Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says is the number-one factor fueling murder in his city.

“It’s often times people who are in the gang-life or have some kind of crime affiliation that are going after people who (also) have some kind of crime affiliation,” said Brown.

The most recent killing in the city took place Tuesday night. An un-identified 22-year-old man was shot on Deshler Street. The man later died.

That is the 26th homicide in Buffalo this year. If the frequency of murder remains the same for the remainder of 2017, Buffalo would see almost 48 homicides.

2 On-Your-Side has reported extensively on murder in Buffalo and the difficulty in solving murder cases here. Gangs have been a persistent factor.

In February, we reported some 55 street gangs and some 700 street gang members have been identified in Buffalo. Some community activists doubt the numbers are that high, but the Mayor says it’s that gang members do not cooperate in investigations when their members are killed, even when they know who the killer (or killers) are.

“(They) survived (and) take the position that they want to settle things themselves,” says Brown.