BUFFALO, NY — From the six-pack of grain silos that stand tall Riverworks, to the annual pond hockey tournament, Labatt Blue has found quite the home in Buffalo.

Labatt moved its headquarters from Norwalk, CT to Fountain Plaza in Buffalo in 2007, and has since experienced "substantial growth", according to officials. To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Labatt moving downtown, Mayor Brown declared Wednesday, “Labatt Blue Day” and July 14 to 16, “Labatt Blue Weekend.”

“Years ago, Buffalo adopted Labatt Blue as its hometown beer. We moved here 10 years ago, to be closer to our most loyal supporters in our number one market,” said Doug Smith, vice president of sales, Labatt USA in a statement. “We love being part of this community and have been working hard to let people know that we’re here. We’re invested. And we have big plans for the future. We want people all over the country to know that Buffalo is home to Labatt USA.”

Since moving its headquarters to Buffalo, officials say Labatt has increased its employment by 40 percent over the last three years, and has launched its Labatt brand in new markets along the east coast.

To celebrate, Labatt is partnering with the Chippewa Alliance to invest in the beautification of Chippewa, offering Buffalo-themed prizes and discounted Uber rides this weekend.

Labatt recently announced its plans to partner with Pegula Sports and Entertainment to create the “John Labatt Project” at 79 Perry Street, which will be a restaurant, pilot brewery, and Labatt's new headquarters.

The project is projected to create 100 jobs when it opens in the fall of 2018.