Jennifer Marchant became a free woman Wednesday.

The Niagara County Sheriff Department confirms Marchant was released after a brief court appearance Wednesday. The court date was necessary after the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court overturned Marchant's 2013 manslaughter conviction.

A jury found Marchant guilty of the charge which was connected to the stabbing death of Marchant's then boyfriend, Ralph Stone. At trial, it was revealed that both Marchant and Stone had been drinking when an argument escalated into a fight.

Evidence suggested Stone had broke down two doors in Marchant's apartment trying to reach her. Stone died from a single stab wound to his chest.

The jury at trial apparently did not accept Marchant's 'justification defense', that her actions were necessary because she believed her life was in danger. But, appeals court said in its ruling, "the jury failed to give the evidence" proper consideration.