BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A Buffalo man who bought tea at a Tim Hortons Tuesday discovered his purchase provided more than just a hot drink.

Nicholas Mainella said he usually isn't a coffee drinker, so that Sunday he simply purchased a tea at the Tim Hortons at William St. and Bailey Ave. after he and some friends watched "The Walking Dead." He said his friends mainly wanted to go to get coffee and he just tagged along.

And he's glad he did -- the lid on his tea declared he had won a 2017 Honda Civic through Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim and Win promotion.

"The tea was the best tasting tea ever," Mainella said with a laugh. He said with another new baby born on Christmas Eve to take care of, he is more in need of money than a car, but, "we'll see what happens."

Shirley Hensel, Director of Operations for a local Tim Hortons owner, said she has worked at the Tim Hortons at William and Bailey for 30 years and they've never given away a car before. She also said she's glad Mainella, a regular, was a winner.

A big celebration will be held at a later time, with the Tim Hortons owners, who will officially give Mainella the keys.