CHEEKTOWAGA, NY --  When Brian Kawa of Cheektowaga was diagnosed with prostate cancer, his life changed forever.

"It hit me like a ton of bricks," he says. 

Brian didn't let the disease control him. Instead, he began to learn as much as he could about this form of cancer that will affect one in seven men at some point during their lives.

"You have to find answers, you have to find the strength from within to beat it," his wife Kim says. 

Twelve years later Brian Kawa is cancer-free.

Brian and Kim had an overwhelming sense of relief, but for Brian, he felt the need to help other men understand what it means to have prostate cancer.

"We try to educate people that have been diagnosed, that have had surgery, that have gone through everything we've gone through," Kawa says. 

He does this through a Facebook group called A Reluctant Brotherhood. The closed group is for men with prostate cancer.

"It's a men's only thing because with men, they don't want to talk about the issues related to having prostate cancer because it can affect every aspect of your life," he says. 

With more than 700 members, the group is a safe place for members to talk about and share what's happening with their cancers, and seek support. 

"You try to help whoever you can, that's what I do now," Kawa says.