BUFFALO, N.Y. -- It was quite a scene as members of the Buffalo SWAT Team raided a house near the intersection of Davey St. and E. Lovejoy St. early Thursday morning, on a federal arrest warrant for 23-year-old Mikel Lowe.

Police got a tip that Lowe was hiding out in an apartment above a store-front. Once inside, police found crack cocaine, fentanyl, heroin and a gun.

Neighbors described the chaotic scene.

"We woke up, the SWAT team was out here. And there was men all over with their guns... and police cars," said Rebecca Kasprzak, a neighbor. "State Troopers were in the street from here, all the way down to Ogden."

Lowe is charged with possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine and heroin, and possession of firearms in furtherance of drug trafficking crimes.

Those charges carry a maximum penalty of life behind bars.