BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Ridesharing will come to Western New York this July at the earliest, but Friday night Lyft threw a party celebrating its arrival.

"We have more transportation options here now, and it'll make it really great for everybody all around, even cheaper," says Kris Zigmant.

Zigmant is ready to start driving for Lyft. It won't be his first go-around. He drove for Lyft three years ago when it operated briefly in Buffalo.

"Before the process was easy. I went right through the app. Filled out my information. They did the background check, and if they had any questions, they got back to me. Things are a little different now. I'm sure there will be some additional information that's needed, but I'm sure the process will be just as easy," says Zigmant.

You'll have to pass a DMV check and a background check, be at least 21, and of course have a smart phone if you want to drive for Lyft.

The state is working on additional regulations.

In 2014, being a Lyft driver was Zigmant's primary source of income, now, with a job in the corporate world, ridesharing will supplement his income.

Also celebrating Friday was Mike Brown. He is a UB Student Representative who got involved in the push to bring ridesharing to the rest of New York State.

Brown says a lot of students want to become drivers and are looking forward to using ridesharing.

"There's a whole controversy when there are conferences here and people try to open up their phones and they couldn't use Lyft, or Uber, or anything to use or ride around town, so I think this is definitely bringing Buffalo into like the 21st century again," says Brown.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has until July 8th to come up with regulations, so we don't know yet if ridesharing will be here for the Fourth of July weekend.