BUFFALO, NY - A Buffalo veteran living in the Riverside section of the city is upset that police killed his dog while executing a search warrant.

Gary Aljoe, 64, recalls the early December morning when there was a lot of banging on his Ullman Street front door. He thought someone was trying to break into the home, instead it was police. They had a search warrant. The search warrant his attorney provided to Channel 2 News does not give a name, only a brief description.

Aljoe says he was surprised. Police did recover what his attorney says was "residue" in Aljoe's son's room.

Sarge, the family's seven-year-old german shepherd was shot and killed by police, according to Aljoe. He broke down in tears when telling reporter Claudine Ewing, "I turned around and the dog wasn't there no more and apparently I don't know if they (police) dragged the dog to the other side and shot it, I think it got shot once in the head, because I had to clean up."

Buffalo Police spokesman Mike DeGeorge tells 2 On Your Side, "Tonawanda SWAT did the entry," even though the warrant was signed by a City of Buffalo Court Judge.

Attorney Matt Albert represents Aljoe and says a lawsuit will be filed against those responsible for the dog's death. "I certainly believe that dog didn't have to die, especially when you're dealing with 15-commandos, even if we're going to play their game and say hey, the dog was being aggressive. You're trained officers, you're wearing body armor, you can deal with a 70-pound dog," he said.