BUFFALO, NY - As 2 On Your Side has reported, New York State is one of the states that law enforcement initially believed Steve Stephens could've traveled to.

Local authorities are reacting to this manhunt.

"The New York State Police have stepped up patrols and are asking the public for their help," said Trooper James O'Callaghan.

Police say that can be as simple as looking at a photo of Steve Stephens, the Ohio man, suspected of gunning down an elderly man on Easter. Investigators also want you to be on the look out for Stevens' car -- which he still could be driving -- a white Ford Fusion, with temporary Ohio tag -- E363630.
"We don't have any solid evidence saying he entered New York at this time, but if he does, we want to be ready, and we want our citizens and people to be safe," O'Callaghan said. "He is considered armed and dangerous."
2 On Your Side spoke by phone to Chautauqua County Sheriff Joseph Gerace about what lead law enforcement agencies do while handling a massive manhunt.
"You look into as much on the ground investigation you can, and what they might know, who they might know and where they might go and then you rely on a lot of public support for people to give information about sightings," Gerace said.
He added that his office has received at least several reports of potential sightings of Stevens in Chautauqua County -- all of which he says have been investigated and unfounded.
"We'd rather follow up on a lead that's unfounded than to not get that information," he said.
And that's the message heard across the board, from Cleveland to State Police and the FBI, as they continue to look for clues. 
Police say they don't know if Stevens is traveling with anyone or by himself. Investigators remind you that if you see Stephens or the car he may be driving, don't approach him or the vehicle, call 911.