BUFFALO, N.Y. - The family of a local photographer and magazine publisher want answers after Will Jones was critically injured in a hit-and-run crash on June 26.

The family was surprised that there were no public reports about the accident that has left Jones with brain damage and some paralysis.

"I've been paying attention to all of the hit and run accidents that have been happening in Erie County, the last couple months, even prior to my brother's accident in the month of June, this one wasn't mentioned at all," said Casey Jones.

Jones is the owner of Black WNY — a local magazine dedicated to telling positive stories and Xavier's Photography.

Jones, 48, was in the terrible vehicle collision on June 26 on Masten Avenue, near the corner of East Utica.

Jones' mother Myrtle has one question for the driver that struck her son's vehicle: "Why, why would you run?"

According to the Buffalo Police accident report, the male driver of a Dodge was speeding on Masten when he hit Jones' car, which ended up crashing into a tree. The speeding vehicle kept going, but not before hitting a home on Masten Avenue, leaving substantial damage to the garage and a parked vehicle. The police report says it was an "unknown hit and run vehicle."

However, the vehicle was located and impounded. Police also have the name of the person who they believe was driving the car. When an officer went to the person's home, according to the report, the driver "would not come to the door to speak with police."

"My frustration is the person wasn't arrested, wasn't cited," said Jones' sister.

Jones is a father of two. His son Jonathan Xavier looks up to his father and is devastated by the accident as he tries to run the business.

"I went to college for media studies, because I wanted to be more like him, take a photo like he does, shoot videos like he does and help him with the business," he said.

For now the family is at Will Jones' bedside and they are praying he will recover. They also want justice.

"There was somebody who came forward and said what they saw. I would like somebody to be accountable for it. It's not OK, whatever led you to run. He (my brother) could of lost his life and you just left!" said Casey Jones.

A spokeswoman for the Erie County District Attorney's office reached out to 2 On Your Side after noticing a post on social media. The DA's office is now actively investigating this case.