BUFFALO, NY — A Lyft driver told Buffalo Police that one of her passengers earlier this week stole $2,100 right out her wallet and took off.

This is the second robbery from a local ridesharing driver in the last few months.

The Lyft driver filed a report with police, in it she says on Wednesday morning she picked up two black males at the Dunlop tire plant on Sheridan Drive in Tonawanda, and drove them to the intersection of Goodell and Elm streets, which is near the 33 entrance in downtown Buffalo. She says when one of the men got out, they took $2,100 out of her wallet.

Buffalo Police say they're investigating.

This is the second theft, that we can recall, involving a ridesharing driver in the past few months.

Back in August, an Uber driver says he was punched and robbed of $220 in Allentown.

"Personally, whenever I go driving if you're driving when it's dark out especially you're always looking around you're always paying attention to your surroundings," said Nic Torres, an Uber driver.

He says he feels safe while he's behind the wheel, but one thing does surprise him about these recent incidents.

"You have no reason at all to have any type of money like that on you, as an Uber driver or Lyft driver," Torres said.

Chris Wolfley, who drives for Lyft, says he doesn't worry about being attacked.

"I'm 6-2 so I'm a bigger guy so not that I don't pickup anyone bigger than me," he said, "I don't worry about it too much just because I'm a little taller."

He says he doesn't work with certain things on him.

"I try to leave my cash at home when I'm driving just because in case there is an incident I try to take my season tickets out of my wallet in case somebody robs me I try to not have anything on me," Wolfley said.

According to the police report, 2 On Your Side obtained from Buffalo Police, the suspect in Wednesday's theft, may be a temporary employee at the Dunlop plant. Channel 2 called the plant for comment, but never heard back.

Lyft released the following statement on the incident.

These allegations are alarming - the safety
of the Lyft community is our top priority. We have deactivated the passenger’s account while we investigate, and stand ready to assist law enforcement.