BUFFALO, NY - Both Democrats and Republicans in Erie County are making some last minute efforts to get out the vote in Western New York and elsewhere.

The Erie County Democrat and Republican committees have different strategies to victory. From their campaign headquarters in Clarence, Erie County Republicans are calling voters with two races as the priority. The presidential race is obvious.

The race for Erie County District Attorney is the other big race -- Republican Joe Treanor is squaring off against Democrat John Flynn.

"Our internal indicators make me feel very strongly about that and that's why it's a top priority of the party," said Nick Langworthy, the chairman of the Erie County GOP Committee.

Mary Jo Carroll, a volunteer here, has been making cold calls for much of the day. She says she's talked to some Democrats, who've made up their minds in the presidential race, but locally may look at the Republican for DA.

"They're not in favor of Donald Trump and maybe you can get in Joe Treanor. You hope that you can, but they may ask questions about Joe Treanor, so that's important," she said.

At Democratic headquarters in Larkinville, volunteers for weeks have been cold calling voters in swing states.
A day out from the election, calls are being made to voters in Florida, where early voting ended on Sunday.

"We're hearing that they voted early that they're going out to vote -- they want to know where their polling location is," said Domenic Alongi, a volunteer for Democrats.

Local volunteers were canvassing for Hillary Clinton in Erie, Pennsylvania Monday. They went to that battleground state in the morning by bus and will return later Monday night.

"We're really hitting on all cylinders really affecting this election throughout the country," said Jeremy Zellner, the chairman of the Erie County Democratic Committee.

Both Republicans and Democrats will be looking to get out the vote locally. But, it's the Democrats that appear to be more focused on swing states, one day out from Election Day.