BUFFALO, N.Y. -- While Buffalo making a list of the 13 Metro Areas with the most Real-Life potentially-haunted houses may sound silly, it revealed a concerning statistic backed up by U.S. Census data.

Buffalo ranks 8th in the nation based on the average age of homes and the number of vacant homes.

This data also shows more than ten percent of homes in the Buffalo area are vacant. That adds up to more than 53-thousand empty homes, which brings down property values.

The city is especially bad in the city, so 2 On Your Side asked Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown about the issue.

He said the city is working on it with a new initiative that aims to fight the blight.

"The city has super-bid power at foreclosure auctions to take vacant structures that are in foreclosure to help people become homeowners that are now living in the city of Buffalo," he said. "We think that that will have an impact."

The mayor added more details on the program are on the way.

He also said the city has knocked down 58-hundred homes since he became mayor.