CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. - Drive the Kensington Expressway at night and you will notice no lights on a stretch of the roadway. It's been that way for about two months.

The New York State Department of Transportation maintains the road, but it is up to the town or city to take care of the lights.

The lights out on the expressway are in the Town of Cheektowaga. The town's highway superintendent tells 2 On Your Side they had a meeting about the issue on Tuesday.

"We have 48 lights out in the median and four are down from accidents and we will do all the maintenance on all the bulbs while we are there, so there's 96 bulbs,"said Mark Wegner.

Work is expected to begin in March. Lanes will be shutdown, likely during overnight hours to get the job done.

At the Maryvale entrance, there's a broken underground line. It will also be repaired.

"In the past when they repaired one light in the middle, that may be connected with the two on the outside of it, so all three will go down together, so it's sort of like Christmas tree lights, one bulb goes, they all go."

Changing bulbs is dangerous. The last time Cheektowaga did it, one of their vehicles was rear-ended. The worker was not seriously hurt.