NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. -- Niagara County lawmakers are planning to discuss calling for a criminal investigation of the Niagara Falls Water Board responsible for the black, smelly wastewater that was released into the base of Niagara Falls over the weekend.

According to a news release, the Niagara County Legislature will hold a special meeting next week to discuss four resolutions to push the leadership of the Niagara Falls Water Board to resign, in addition to calling for the criminal investigation.

Niagara County Legislature Majority Leader Randy R. Brandt, R-North Tonawanda, said: “The Board’s conduct here is beyond defense, and they have lost our confidence. We will ask the Niagara County District Attorney (Caroline A. Wojtastzek) and (New York State) Attorney General (Eric T.) Schneiderman to examine the facts surrounding this matter and to determine if criminal charges should be brought.”

While one of the resolutions calls on the Niagara Falls Water Board Chairman Dan O'Callaghan to resign, along with members Gretchen Leffler, Colleen Larkin, Renae Kimble, and Nicholas Forster. It also asks for the resignation of the board's legal counsel, Water Board Executive Director Rolfe Porter, Wastewater Chief Operator Joe LaGamba, and Superintendent of Operations Bob Drury.

Brandt said he believes there will be enough votes from the Legislature to pass all four resolutions.