BUFFALO, NY — Several people have reached out to Channel 2 sharing their stories of trying to buy furniture from Chairs and Tables. Thursday night, Lisa Wurster and Sheila Keane spoke about what they went through.

Wurster, after remodeling her kitchen, bought a table and chair set, only for it to never have been delivered.

Wurster called and visited the store, going back and forth with Damico for four months before she and her husband demanded their money back.

“He hummed and hawed, and he's like ‘no, you know the company is behind and we're not getting our deliveries when we're supposed to be getting them,’” she said.

The couple did finally get their money back, and a new table, but they purchased it somewhere else.

Sheila Keane went through almost the exact same thing.

“Not receiving a phone call that the chairs were in, calling them repeatedly without getting an answer back, showing up at the store being completely just, ignored, and saying, ‘well you know we'll take care of this, we'll fix this, it'll be on the next truck,’” Keane said.

The Buffalo Better Business Bureau rates Chairs and Tables with an "F."

It lists 23 complaints, failure to respond to five complaints, and at least two complaints that were never resolved.

When 2 On Your Side went to pay Damico a visit, we were met by a man who said he was not available.

“After the fact is when I found out about other people's experiences and how similar they were, and that's what shocked me, is like, all of our stories were identical,” Keane said.

Wurster is glad she isn’t alone and is glad the state will help see that other victims get their money back.

“I went, you've got to be kidding me. Ok, it's not just us,” Wurster said.