BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Dr. Kriner Cash has wrapped up his second year as superintendent of the Buffalo Public Schools district.

This year, school board members gave him a passing grade in their annual evaluation.

But they didn't give him a top grade.

Cash earned a B-Minus from the nine school board members.

His grade was lower than a year ago, despite the fact that graduation rates have increased to more than 60 percent.

But there's still a lot we don't know about how the board members evaluated their superintendent. Individual board member evaluations were not made public. Instead, a combined evaluation was released showing a grade of 2.95 out of 4.0. Board minority members Carl Paladino, Larry Quinn and Patricia Pierce did not attend the meeting Tuesday night, but they submitted their evaluations.

Paladino and Quinn have argued all individual assessments should be released to the public.

"Well, I had a previous commitment, so I didn't opt out, because I didn't want to be here, it was a matter of a personal commitment that I had on my part," said Patricia Pierce, when asked why she didn't attend the meeting Tuesday night.

The board has already moved on to other business. Wednesday was significant because it was the deadline for paperwork to be filed in Carl Paladino's removal hearing. Protesters were at the meeting, although a ruling by the State Education Commissioner isn't expected for at least a few weeks.