AMHERST, NY - A man from Angola who is in need of a new kidney is thankful to have his vehicle back, after it was stolen earlier this week. This vehicle is relied on so he can get to his medical appointments and it even advertises his need for a new kidney.

"Why, if you see a sticker on the back of a vehicle saying that a person needs a kidney would you steal from a sick person?" asked Cayleen Dole, "my husband could've gotten hurt he could've been rushed to the hospital or something."

Larry and Cayleen Dole are thankful nothing like that happened this week, after Larry's SUV was stolen Tuesday night, from outside their Angola home.

"I was kind of in disbelief," Larry said.

Larry needs his vehicle to get to his dialysis appointments. He's in need of a new kidney. Even though, he says he's found a match, in case there's a problem with the operation, he still likes to advertise this message on the back of his SUV -- "Type O Blood, Serious Responses Only Please, 716-602-5936."

When his vehicle was taken, the Dole's say they contacted Evans Police. Without his vehicle, Larry missed a dialysis treatment appointment.

REPORTER: Have you felt any physical affects as a result of missing one day of dialysis?

"Fatigue, tiredness," Larry said.

And then the Dole's caught a break -- Amherst Police say while an officer was on routine patrol, police found Dole's SUV on Chassin Avenue and found 20-year-old Joshua Heimerl lying down in the passenger seat. Heimerl was arrested and booked on multiple charges of criminal possession of stolen property.

"We can't thank Amherst Police and Evans Police enough," Cayleen said.

On Friday, Larry Dole got his SUV back at the Amherst Police Department. But, Larry says he is missing some of his belongings, such as a car seat and a speaker to his car stereo.

The Dole's say that they are thinking about filing a lawsuit against the suspect in this case or demanding that he pay restitution reimbursing the Dole's for what was stolen.