BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The results are in for the lead levels at Kenmore West High, one of the schools in the Ken-Ton district.

The district's Superintendent Dawn F. Mirand sent out a letter last week stating the results of testing 249 samples from the high school.

46 were found to have lead above the recommended 15 parts per billion threshold. These samples came primarily from sinks, 42 of them in classrooms and one from a bathroom. Three were from outdoor hose bibs.

Although the district began testing its water for lead last spring, it conducted more tests under guidelines established by the New York State Department of Heath. A new state law required districts to test each of their schools' water for lead and have complete results submitted by Nov. 11.

Kenmore West High School is among about 23 schools so fat that are reporting high lead levels, above 15 ppb, in at least some of their water sources.

By state law, the outlets with higher-than-recommended lead levels must be taken out of service unless used for washing hands or dishes, the superintendent's letter states. If this is the case, it must include signage with writing and pictures warning that the water is not safe to drink. The outlet can be put back into service once it is within the 15 ppb threshold.