BUFFALO, N.Y. -- We love celebrating the great things about Western New York and that includes Ken Baker, a Hamburg native a lot of you know from E! News.

His memoir was turned into a film that premieres at the North Park Theatre this weekend, and 2 On Your Side's Kelly Dudzik sat down with him Thursday to find out what it's like for him to see his life on film.

The Late Bloomer, starring an ensemble cast of familiar faces from Hollywood, chronicles the life of Baker as he struggles with his delayed adolescence.

"What inspired you to be so open about the challenges you faced as a young man? A lot of people are too afraid to talk about that stuff," asked Dudzik.

"Yeah. Um, look, I suffered for a long time privately. I had an illness," said Baker. "My brain tumor was depleting my testosterone. I didn't want to talk about it. But once I did and I started telling my story, I realized, you know, people need to be more open. And it was really a turning point in my life to be able to say, look, there's no shame to my game."

Baker wrote the book about his experiences as a young man, especially experiences in the romance department, 15 years ago.

"Is that weird seeing someone playing you on the screen?" asked Dudzik.

"It's a very surreal experience to have a memoir that you wrote that's a very deeply personal story being translated into a fictionalized movie that a lot of it rings super true and it's like oh my gosh that is really embarrassing that's on film," said Baker. "It's humbling, too, and such an honor to have a film made that's based on my life and I'm just happy that I'm a healthy person. The fact that my health and my transformation was able to be shared and not only shared but in a comedic way, so people can laugh along with me. It's just the ultimate form of healing."

Baker has already written eight books, and he's working on another one about his spiritual search. The Late Bloomer premiers at the North Park Theatre Saturday afternoon at 4:30. Baker will be there for Q and A session.