BUFFALO, NY-- Buffalo Sabres forward Evander Kane has been issued an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal of trespassing and harassment charges.

"It's the appropriate decision, there's going to be a dismissal, it doesn't get any better than a dismissal," said Kane's defense attorney Paul Cambria.

However, acting DA Michael Flaherty says the charges against Kane are still pending, so if Kane gets into any trouble with the law in the next six months he could end right back here in court.

"His conduct could be described as arrogant, surly and boorish," Flaherty said.

And the DA's office says the complainants in the case did not oppose the case being adjourned. The judge agreed to adjourn the case.

"This is a standard ordinary and everyday disposition for somebody charged with these level of offenses and somebody with a lack of criminal conduct in his past," Flaherty said.

Kane was originally charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass, non-criminal disorderly conduct and four counts of non-criminal harassment. The arrest and charges were in connection to an incident at Bottoms Up. Three women claim Kane grabbed them. A male bouncer at Bottoms Up told police he was grabbed by Kane as he told him to leave the establishment.

Attorneys will come back in March and decide whether the case should be tossed.