BUFFALO, NY - There's new information in the civil lawsuit case against Sabres star Evander Kane. Earlier this year a woman filed the lawsuit accusing Kane of injuring her during an alleged incident at HarborCenter.
Now, Kane is fighting back, denying in court papers of any wrongdoing and filing his own defamation counterclaim against the alleged victim.

There are two separate court battles Kane is involved in. One earlier this summer. At that time, Kane was accused of trespassing at a Chippewa bar and harassing several patrons there. This case continues to play out.

The other legal battle -- a civil lawsuit -- relates to an alleged sexual assault this past December at the HarborCenter Marriott Hotel. Kane, at the time, was quick to deny any wrongdoing.

"I just want to say I've done nothing wrong I look forward to clearing my name, I respect the legal process and unfortunately at this time there's not much more I can talk about," Kane said.

Even though no incident report was filed against Kane, there was a criminal investigation.

"In this case, protocols were followed, those protocols included alerting the police and the police conducted its investigation and I'm here to tell you the results of that investigation are that there's no evidence to support the filing of a criminal action," said acting Erie County District Attorney Michael Flaherty.

But, the alleged victim claims in a lawsuit Kane invited her to his hotel room, "under the false pretext of attending a party." The alleged victim also claims Kane "inflicted a battery" upon her that was "unconsented to," and "violent and offensive in nature," resulting in, "bodily injury including lacerations, extensive bleeding."

In new court documents, attorneys for Kane fire back -- with Kane again denying any wrongdoing, saying any contact between he and the woman was "consensual." And that, her lawsuit was filed, "in bad faith solely to harass" Kane.

Attorneys for Kane also say her lawsuit is "a sham, and was brought for the sole purpose of defaming," Evander Kane. His attorneys say the alleged victim is attempting to damage Kane, "in his professional standing and in his reputation and good name in the community."

Legal analyst Mike Taheri says as always, the evidence in this case will be key.

"You see that Mr. Kane's defense counsel is taking a very aggressive and active posture, in their words they're not sitting back and saying 'we're going to have the plaintiff prove it, we now make a claim back,'" Taheri said.

The alleged victim is seeking monetary damages against Kane. And, with Kane's counterclaim against her, Kane is seeking monetary damages as well. It's unclear when this civil case will be heard in court.

In the meantime, Kane is expected to be back in court at end of October, on those accusations of harassment and trespassing.