BUFFALO, NY - The Buffalo Italian Fest is getting a full day of sunshine after torrential rains put a bit of a damper on things Thursday. The festival is in its first full day in its new location at the Outer Harbor.

Warm temperatures helped things dry up at the Outer Harbor. One of the biggest issues we've been asked about is parking down there.

There's parking for more than 2,000 people in a field on the Outer Harbor, people are also parking along Furhmann Boulevard, and then heading over to the festivities.

Parking and use of a shuttle to get you to the festival grounds are free. New this year is the $5 admission fee, but for seniors it's only $2 — and admission is free for kids and veterans. After spending years on Hertel Avenue, Italian Fest organizers say they outgrew that location.

And we've heard from restaurants there that say they feel customers have followed and that business has been good. But, that the real test will be Friday night and this weekend, and see how things go then, when more people are expected.