MAYVILLE, NY - There's new information on how an inmate on the run for a week was finally captured in Chautauqua County.

Jacob Raynor, 34, of Sinclairville was a wanted man by the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office and was found in, of all places, his own home in a crawl space.

"[He was] located by one of our K-9 units. We knew he was under that trapped door and he tried to prevent them from lifting the door up," said Chautauqua County Sheriff Joseph Gerace.

A week ago, deputies arrested Raynor under suspicion of manufacturing methamphetamine. He was arraigned in the Town of Charlotte court.

"He had been burned pretty severely on his arms, he claimed from a wood stove accident, we tend to believe it had more to do with his manufacture of his methamphetamine," Gerace said.

So, the deputy kept Raynor's hands cuffed in front of him so as to not cause additional pain.

"And he took advantage of that in the walk to the car and he took off," Gerace said.

State Police helped look for Raynor -- he couldn't be found -- until there was a break in the search.

"Yesterday we received information that he was actually contacting someone by phone and we surveilled the house and we entered the house and found him hidden under the floor," the sheriff said.

The sheriff says investigators are not sure where else Raynor was hiding, but they do believe he had help.

"Our investigation is geared toward that right now we're looking at who helped him there will be other people charged," he said.

In addition to facing that charge of manufacturing drugs, Raynor was charged and arraigned Tuesday for escape, which is a felony. The sheriff says during the arraignment there were more deputies in the area, keeping an eye on Raynor, in case he tried to escape again.