ORCHARD PARK, NY - Bills fans at New Era Field saw a really unpleasant display on the field Sunday. They also saw the Bills get beaten badly. That unpleasant display was a man streaking on the field was one of at least 5 arrests at the game.

Long police reports have been a common sight at Bills games this year, on top of embarrassing fan videos that show up all over the internet.

One video circulating on social media is one that shows a fan willingly being slammed onto a table. This on top of various reports of fires, traffic infractions, and public drunkenness outside New Era Field.

But the man gaining national attention is 29-year-old Tristan Lambright of Cheektowaga. He ran across New Era Field naked.

Lambright was taken to the Erie County Holding Center overnight and brought to Orchard Park court Monday on charges of criminal trespass and public lewdness, both misdemeanors. He also was served a violation for exposure of a person. His bail was set at $500.

The Bills are reacting by releasing a statement similar to one the team released after the Tampa game:

“We are always disturbed and disappointed by behavior that we know does not represent the vast majority of our fans. We have and we will continue to work diligently with our law enforcement partners to provide a safe and secure environment for our fans. Our message is clear: unsafe, irresponsible or illegal behavior will not be tolerated by the Buffalo Bills or by each of our law enforcement partners. Fans that engage in these inappropriate activities are not welcome into our stadium,” said Derek Boyko, a Bills spokesperson.

The Erie County Sheriff's Office says it's up to them and security personnel to watch for people jumping on the field. The sheriff's office says it will continue to look for criminal behavior during home games and that manpower has been stepped up in Bills lots in recent years. But that's not where most of the problems are happening.

"Most of those are occurring in private lots where the law enforcement doesn't have access to (unless there's a call for help)," said Erie County Execuitve Mark Poloncarz.

2 On Your Side did ask Poloncarz is there nothing that needs to change or can improve to address the situations that happen before, during, and after the Bills games.

"I will say this, we will continue to do all we can you can't stop stupid some times," Poloncarz said, "we ask the public that goes into these private lots, to hold people responsible say hey don't do that."

2 On Your Side asked the Bills and police, what can be done to be more proactive and encourage good fan behavior, but there really doesn't seem to be a plan at all to address this, other than arresting people or fining them.