BUFFALO, NY- Teachers are implementing the new Common Core learning standards in English Language Arts and Math classes in Western New York and all across the country.

The Common Core aims to teach strategies beyond memorization, focusing on pictures, numbers, and words. Some students find the math lessons confusing, and sadly, many parents can't help them because the lessons are foreign to them.

Fourth grade math teacher, Eileen Klag Ryan, from Maple West Elementary in the Williamsville School District explains different principles in 2 On Your Side's Homework Helper series. See a different tip each morning on Daybreak during Back 2 School Week. Here are all the tips below.

Homework Helper: Addition using Base 10 (1st Grade & Up) ID=14926877

Homework Helper: Adding Fractions ID=14926379

Homeworker Helper: Using an Array for Multiplication ID=14926333

Homework Helper: Addition (2nd Grade) ID=14926973

Homework Helper: Using Ten Frame to Add & Multiply (All grades) ID=14927465

Homework Helper: Simple Division (4th Grade & Up) ID=14926647

Homework Helper: Division with a Remainder (4th Grade & Up) ID=15008743

Homework Helper: Number Bond (Kindergarten & Up) ID=15008999

Homework Helper: Subtraction Using Place Value Chart (2nd Grade) ID=15009061

Homework Helper: Extra Credit- Math Games (All Ages) ID=15009429