BUFFALO, NY-Western New York is getting ready for its close-up again with the formal announcement that a native son will return home to shoot a new movie here.

Cheektowaga's Bill Fichtner was at the Buffalo History Museum Tuesday where filming will start Wednesday on his directorial debut 'Cold Brook'. Fichtner also helped write the script.

They'll be shooting there and other locations around Buffalo and East Aurora, giving the Maryvale High School grad a chance to show off his hometown.

"I said to my partners on this, Sarah and Shane, I said, I promise you, you want to shoot this in Buffalo because Buffalo is the City of Good Neighbors and you will experience goodwill that you can't put a price tag on," said Fichtner. " And you actually could put a price tag on it, but you don't have to, and they have felt it in multiple ways so I'm really proud of that."

The movie stars Sons of Anarchy's Kim Coates and Lost's Harold Perrineau. In an interview with Deadline, a Hollywood news website, he described it as a "story of two ordinary guys in a small town who embark on an extraordinary adventure. He also said, ironically, it's a story about coming home.

"You should be so, so proud of your boy Billy because he is Buffalo. And this is the beginning of so many, and to get Brad to come along and the rest of the cast, I'm telling you what, you guys, it's going to be an amazing film," says Coates.

If you were hoping to watch the film crew work, Fichtner says there won't be any opportunities for that. He'll go back to LA to edit so he can watch his son's games this summer.

'Cold Brook' will be filming her through the middle of July and is due out sometime next year.