BUFFALO, NY - A historical sign commemorating the creation of Buffalo's first grain elevator has been found.

The marker was located near the Erie Basin Marina, along the Buffalo River, but someone took it earlier this month.

According to the Buffalo History Gazette's Facebook page, the marker honoring Buffalo's first grain elevator has been stolen from its location on Erie Street near the Erie Basin Marina. The post reads: "What is going on down there? Sickening. Not the first time markers down there were tampered with," and that the marker was taken sometime around June 12th or 13th.

Buffalo Police say city crews working on a hunch that the sign might not be that far away, entered the water Tuesday at the Marina and found it in less than 15 minutes near the Vietnam Memorial. Police suspect whoever allegedly took it may have dumped it in the water when they realized how heavy it was.

The marker commemorates where Buffalo's first grain elevator was built. In 1842, Joseph Dart invented an elevator to transfer grain from boats. Previously the operation was done by hand. Experts say Dart's invention grew the grain industry in Buffalo.

"He invented a device that scooped grain out of a boat automatically and deposited it in grain silo for storage and then it could be loaded into a silo, a rail car or canal boat and sent east," said Cynthia Van Ness of the Buffalo History Museum.

The marker was dedicated in 1990 by The Industrial Heritage Committee and the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society.

"Surprised to hear that marker would be taken by anyone...not sure what the rationale would be if it's someone's idea of a prank or a joke," said Mark DePalma, the marketing director of Forest Lawn Cemetery.

"It is disheartening because the plaque is for everybody not for just one person," Van Ness said.