BUFFALO, N.Y. - For Our Daughters, a local non-profit organization working with young girls to learn about maintaining healthy bodies is preparing for its annual gala in October. The organization was founded by a woman who battled and beat breast cancer in her early 20's.

Every school year, Mercedes Wilson conducts workshops in schools to teach body positivity and good communication so that the teens can become advocates for positive self esteem and good health. Last school year, over 1,500 girls participated in the program.

"If you don't have have the confidence to speak up, why draw attention to yourself. If you already feel like you're defective, no woman would draw attention to herself, so that's what we want. We want to form habits with young women so that they can speak up without being ashamed," said Wilson.

Young girls between ages 11-19 are served by For Our Daughters.

This year's gala is Saturday, October 7, 6-10 p.m. There will be a live band and a tribute to breast cancer survivor's. "For Our Daughter's came from my battle with breast cancer, so we never forget where we come from," said the founder.

Sponsors are needed to provide free tickets for breast cancer survivors.

Tickets are $60 and can be purchased on-line.