HAMBURG, N.Y. -- It's been over two weeks since four tornadoes ripped through parts of Western New York, including the Southtowns, and a lot of folks are still cleaning up.

Homeowners insurance has been a big issue, and whether people are getting damage and cleanup costs covered.

The state Department of Finance sent out some insurance experts to Hamburg, to answer any questions people had about their coverage. What we're finding is -- a lot of people are paying big bucks in cleanup costs.

Don Meissner of West Falls has concerns about tree damage on his property.

He paid a visit to the state's mobile command center in front of Hamburg town hall, to talk to the insurance experts there, and have them look at his homeowners insurance policy.

"We used to have nice dark woods; we have daylight now," he said.

Crotty says about 40 homeowners from the Southtowns came to the command center -- some with questions about property damage, many with questions about tree cleanup costs, which he says many homeowners aren't covered for.

"The big thing is the financial obligation of cleaning up a large parcel of land with many, many trees that runs upwards of $10,000 and it's an unexpected expense," Crotty said.

REPORTER: So you're really seeing some people who are being forced to cough up some pretty good change?

"Oh absolutely, there's a lot of money that has gone into this storm, the recovery efforts," Crotty said.

Meissner says he's been quoted at least $25,000 dollars to cleanup his property.

"I'm not going to rush into anything. I'm going to look around and see what the best options are," Meissner said.

The state command center was also made available for people who suffered flood damage from recent storms, like the one that hit Cheektowaga several weeks ago. The Hamburg emergency manager says most people who went there Saturday were impacted by the tornado that hit the Southtowns. 2 On Your Side has not heard from the state about whether there will be any financial assistance, such as grants, made available to storm victims.