BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Hockey players in Downtown Buffalo reached the halfway point to a World Record Tuesday.

The team's goal for the 11 Day Power Play event is to reach 251 hours of a continuous hockey game.

The puck dropped to start the game at 9 p.m. Thursday night and the two teams have been at it ever since. Players take four hour ice shifts with eight hours off. They have plenty of help from trainers and volunteers getting them water and spreading out snacks, even sandwiches on the bench to keep their bodies fueled.

But it has been grueling, physically and mentally.

Some have issues with blisters, soreness and others with not getting enough sleep.

All of their eyes are on the prize and they are remembering why they are trying to break the world record -- to raise money for cancer research. They started with the goal of $1 million, which raised some eyebrows, but they have raised $1 million, $70 thousand dollars with six days left.