BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A local group held adoption events Sunday at area Denny's restaurants to help a a particular dog breed that can be misunderstood.

The group Educate-a-Bull led the events. It helps to place 20 to 30 pit bulls or "bully breed" rescues in loving homes each year. One of the organizers explained why the dog breed is not very deserving of its bad reputation.

"They're big goof balls," said volunteer coordinator Liz Marchiano. "They just want to play. They just want to be loved."

She also explained some of the perks of owning a pit bull.

"They can be couch potatoes. They do need a lot of exercise. They do need training, but they're wonderful dogs. very sweet, lovable animals," she said.

Denny's donated 10 percent of their profits Sunday to Educate-a-Bull. Last year, the group raised about $2,000.