A grand jury Friday indicted Holly Colino, accused of the fatal shooting of Megan Dix.

The specific crime charged in the indictment will not be released until the grand jury officially rises. That will be later in September.

Colino is accused of fatally shooting Megan Dix in Brockport. Colino also is accused of the illegal possession of two handguns.

With the indictment, the charges will be moved from the Brockport court to a county or state court that handles felony-level crimes. A hearing scheduled for Friday afternoon in Brockport was canceled.

The District Attorney's Office announced Friday afternoon that the grand jury did issue the indictment against Colino, 31. It's likely the charge is connected to the homicide, and may well be a count of murder. The indictment notes the alleged criminal incident happened at the site of the homicide.