BUFFALO, N.Y. - When International Prep at Grover students received their diplomas on Thursday, they had a reason to be proud. The principal announced a higher graduation rate at the school.

Principal Carlos Alvarez said over a four-year period, the graduation rate rose 34 percent. This year, as of June, the school has a 67 percent graduation rate.

It wasn't long ago when International Prep at Grover had a very low number of graduates. The school has an overwhelming number of students who come from countries around the world and English is a second language. Some don't learn the language until high school.

"I think we offer quite a few resources for our students, not only that, but the group of teachers we have are unbelievable, they stay before school and after school and provide students with every opportunity to be successful. If it wasn't for our group of teachers, we'd be struggling as a school, but because of our teachers, we're excelling as a group," said Alvarez.

The Buffalo Public Schools haven't released graduation data for all the schools, but it is expected to show an increase.