WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. - Governor Andrew Cuomo (D - New York) is calling for local governments to merge more of their services and cut costs.

He made an appearance in Williamsville Thursday, and his focus was on reducing property taxes and government efficiency.

The Governor says in his budget, county executives would be given more oversight of finances for local municipalities and ask towns, villages and cities to submit a plan on how municipalities can be more efficient.

To give you an example, Erie County has a high number of local governments with more than 1,000. The governor says if there are more shared services property taxes would be lower.

"Erie County.. one thousand local governments. One thousand. Think about that. Every morning, one thousand light switches go on. One thousand cars start. And you wonder why property taxes are so high. Put those one thousand governments in a room for the first time and say how do we work together to save money?"

If governments come up with a savings plan, ultimately it would be voters who would decide on whether to approve it in a referendum.

The governor also warned that the Millionaires Tax is expiring this year and if it's not renewed it will cost the state more than $3 billion. He is calling on lawmakers to renew it.