BUFFALO, NY -  Channel 2 wants to know if there are things you can do to protect your lawn and gardens with these super soggy conditions because of all the rainfall  This past April was the wettest on record and there could be much more rain over the next several days. 

So we turned to a Western New York gardening expert Jackie Albarella. who showed us a patch of lawn that was somewhat  moist to the touch. She pointed out "You can tell this soil is spongy...and you would not mow this right now because you could compact the soil." This is the strongest growing season for grass but again it's also the wettest April ever. So it's a double edged sword to cut the lawn which potentially can leave ruts in it..

That's why Albarella says keep your mower and your feet off the lawn at this point until it gets a chance to really dry out.   
As for gardens, Alabarella says mulching is your best idea right now for both the excess moisture and any potential frost. "That will help soak up some of the moisture but also it'll help protect the plant a lit bit...keep some heat in and things like that. "
Albarella also cautions that if we get too much more rain it could eventually cause rot in some plants. There would typically be yellow leaves. She says you must also be careful walking into the garden in these super wet conditions because it can track in certain diseases that can affect plants.  
At  Earsing's Greenhouse  in West Seneca, they're already selling lots of vegetables and flowers. But owner Maryann Earsing says a deluge of rain can really hurt some of that more tender vegetation.  Here's her advice for that  "If we have a downpour,  like tomorrow we're supposed to get a lot of rain,  if you don't feel comfortable that they're gonna get too much rain..set something over it like a bushel or basket... anything so it just protects the plant."
Despite the chance of showers. Earsing says this could be one of her biggest weekends for sales of flowers and vegetables. And what's the most popular flower in these parts? Earsing says "Our hybrid petunias. We have all different special kinds of petunias. And people buy boxes of them... they're so impressed with them. "