BUFFALO, NY - Sinkholes are tarnishing one Buffalo neighborhood.

Residents in the Fruitbelt area of the city, near the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, say sinkholes have popped up all over the place in the past couple of years and they want them fixed.

It's unclear how large of a problem the sinkhole issue is here, but Common Council president Darius Pridgen, who represents this area, says the city has received at least 30 complaints from residents about the sinkholes.

Buffalo DPW have put a traffic drum to warn drivers of the sinkhole on Orange Street, right outside Alethea Davis' house.

"I'm looking for an investigation to find out what is actually causing the sinkhole and after that's done fill the sinkhole up," she said.

She says she's called the city's 311 line about the problem.

"The city has not been very responsive," Davis said.

REPORTER: In the short timeframe, what's being there to address the sinkhole problem?

"So in the short timeframe, we're doing what we've already done, the city goes out when there's a complaint if it can be repaired and if it's on city land," Pridgen said.

Pridgen says in Mayor Byron Brown's capital budget, money will be set aside to fix sinkholes.

REPORTER: How much money is in the capital budget at this point to address the issue of the sinkholes?

"The line for that is not spelled out and that's what we're in negotiating right now," Pridgen said.

Buffalo State's department of earth sciences says it will work with the city to investigate why the sinkholes are forming.

Budget negotiations are expected to last over the next few weeks and the mayor's capital budget is expected to be approved before Christmas.